Visual Arts Concentrations

Techniques for Clay
All Levels – 9:30-5 daily
wall flower DornHand Building

This 2 day program will cover structure, building, and designs. This is a concentration course emphasizing problem solving in clay.

This workshop explores the fundamentals of forming in clay. Explore new and old approaches to experience techniques of forming. Pinching, coiling, doweling, drape molding, and slab construction will be explored. Texture and design will also be utilized.

This stoneware clay fires to a higher temperature.(2380 degrees) and is stronger and more functional than many clay bodies. It is not porous.This clay can withstand winter temperatures.

planterClay, set of tools to use, glazing, and firing included. Glazing and firing at a later date (approximately 2-3 weeks later) will be done in not more than 2 groups. The glazing portion of the workshop makes it a 3 day attendance.

  • Instructor: Paula Brown-Steedly, MFA, Louisiana State, artist for 40+ years.
  • Enrollment: Minimum 5; Maximum 10
  • Tuition  materials fee and firing.
  • 1-3 hour return for glazing

Metal Techniques
Metalsmithing & Jewelry Making Basics
To be announced

Sarah S. Lock, Instructor: M.A. from JMU; artist for 40+ years. Enrollment: Minimum 5; maximum 8 Tuition: current market metal pricing for both days.

jewelryThe metals program will be two days of learning to use the tools and techniques of metal-smithing, (including ‘hard’ soldering with a torch, for previous students.)

Tools and materials are provided for use in the class (silver extra). A list of suggested optional personal tools will be available on registration.

Prior students will continue exploring designs and metal-smithing techniques. For the continuing student raised metal projects will be explored. The first day will introduce basic jewelry techniques and tools like, forming, shaping, finishing with pliers, hammers, stakes, files, etc.

A jeweler’s saw will be used in “piercing designs” in sheet metal (cutting out intricate shapes and connections techniques employed to join pieces, including using ‘hard’ solder and a soldering torch.

The student will design and being construction of projects in metal sheet and/or wire. Some precious stones will be available for use in designs, or students can bring their own stones.

lock workshopThe second day, students will continue working in sheet metals and wire, using brass and copper (silver and other stones available at cost).

Designs may include pendants, pins, earrings, bracelets or other jewelry, other possible projects: box, bookmark, small vase.

Workshops for clay/pottery and jewelry/ metalsmithing are held twice a year. Please email me with your interest & possible time you are available. Individuals may be added to an e-mail list for notices about events.

Print off Workshop Form Here. or call 434-973-3700 or Email me at: