Charlotte LaRoy

Weaving and Basketry

Charlotte weaves in Midlothian, Virginia. She has been weaving baskets since 1977, using locally harvested natural materials, including grape and honeysuckle vines, pine needles, yucca leaves, and tree barks as well as imported reed.

Since 1997 she has included man-made materials such as ropes and cords, plastics, paper, and even communication wires in large randomly woven baskets. Usage of non-traditional materials challenges Charlotte, but these one-of-a-kind baskets conform to the weaver’s tradition of using materials readily available in the environment.

A visit to the Denver Art Museum’s Native American collection in 1976 inspired Charlotte to learn basketry. The variations possible in basketry techniques, shapes, colors, materials and decorations have held her interest in basketry design for thirty years of weaving. She passes on her passion for basket weaving by teaching at various locations.  Basket price averages at $24 each.

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